Top 10 Popular Methods For Brewing Coffee At Home

Over a span of 10 years, almost all fields have made significant progress. The coffee fanatics are not be left behind. There were probably one or two known methods of brewing coffee in the past. With the lovers wanting freshly brewed coffee more and more, they have discovered many popular ways that they use nowadays. Here are some of the methods you can deploy if you can’t live without freshly brewed coffee.

  1. Expresso machine: When you want into a coffee shop and see the espresso machine brewing, I bet it can get your heart racing. So, why don’t we get this one-time investment for ourselves? Invest in a mini espresso machine for yourself and invite your coffee lover friends to showcase its beauty.

  2. Moka Pot -
    If you want to go for a traditional coffee experience that is handy, to say the least, then Moka pot is your best pick. It is a stovetop
    coffee maker that requires a filter and ground coffee for use. However, it is easy on your pocket and allows you to get the same kick that an expresso machine would give you.

  3. Capsule Coffee Machine - If you like the idea of compact machinery that can do the job of making coffee without making it sound like an extra task before you rush to your office, then the capsule coffee machine is your best pick. It is suitable for a milky and frothy coffee option or a straight-up espresso shot if you like.

  4. Coffee Bags - 
    The name itself tells you how you can get a magical cup of coffee to kickstart your work schedule properly. All you need is a cup of boiling water, and you can get your coffee bag out from the pouch. Let it rest in the water for a few minutes. If you want, you can also top it with milk. It is one of the best, most portable options present.

  5. Filtration Or Drip Coffee - 
    One of the
    best espresso coffee options is the Filtration method. It is tedious in its approach, unlike the previously explained options, but it is worth putting in an effort. You will need filters of good quality to let the whole process come to a great end. You can get a good cup of coffee with several filtration options that are present in the market.

  6. Electric Percolator - 
    If you are on the lookout for a quick and easy fix for your dorm, then the electric percolator is a great option. It can give you a decent brew in a span of a few minutes, and you are good to go. It will provide you with the additional benefit of just having to plug in instead of waiting for a boiler or other stove options. It takes significantly less space as well.

  7. Aeropress - 
    Another popular option is Aeropress for getting your coffee. If you fall into the traveling coffee community, this is your best option. It gives you the proper water temperature, the right grind of coffee, and the right amount of air pressure in the small machine.

  8. French Press - 
    It has been such an old format of brewing your coffee that you probably have a French Press lying in your household right now. With new options in the market, the French press may be a forgotten art, but we love the idea of it and do not care for what the world says when you have a best friend like that at home.

  9. Soft Brew - 
    The look and feel of a soft brew are mainly as a French press, but it is a newer invention as it allows you to make a better brew effortlessly. It comes with a steel filter where you fill your ground beans and use the pot for boiling water. Then, place the filter in the pot and let the aroma fill your sense while you wait for a beautiful cup of coffee.

  10. Siphon Coffee - It is as unique as the name suggests, and you can use a mix of methods to get the perfect brew with the siphon pot. You have to make sure that the time management is excellent, or the blend will not come out as great as it should. You can practice using the siphon pot, and with time, you will get the brew you like.